My Story

My most treasured memories are those of standing next to my Mum on a chair wearing a pinny that was so big it touched the tops of my toes and the ties were so long they wrapped around me several times. Covered in flour and helpfully giving the kitchen floor a light dusting of sugar we would bake delicious delights mixed with extra helpings of love, enhanced by “Tilly” mess and little sticky fingers.  Mum would roll her eyes, overlook the “Tilly” mess, smile, fill the kitchen with her incredibly infectious laugh and dance in the cloud of icing sugar.  Happy times.

Mum’s homemade cake wasn't just cake, it was a warm fuzzy hug on a plate sprinkled with love and coated with infectious laughter. Back then, and now I am at my happiest dancing around the kitchen in a cloud of icing sugar (wearing a pinny that fits) creating sugary gorgeousness with absolute love, laughter and plenty of “Tilly” mess all thanks to my Mum. 

From being two feet tall and brimming with creativity I’d always had ambitions of becoming a florist but as we all know life works in very mysterious ways and what better way to put my two passions together than with cake and flowers, a marriage or a wedding cake made in heaven, my path was paved…​

I had the absolute pleasure of training with THE BEST of THE BEST cake designers in the country. Completing a master class with the wonderfully talented Zoe Clark at The Cake Parlour in London, truly changed my life. I had always admired Zoe's design style for being classic, elegant and chic. Truly inspired, I returned to the north west having made lifelong friends, gained a wealth of knowledge and skills and had an incredible desire to create divine, heavenly, elegant pieces of edible art made with love.

The more I learnt, the more I wanted to learn.  I returned to London to meet with another of my cake idols, Peggy Porschen. I had always admired her stunning wedding cake designs adorned with beautiful sugar flowers. Without question my next step was to complete a Diploma in Professional Cake Design and Sugar Flowers at the Peggy Porschen Academy in Belgravia. An incredible journey and yet another life changing experience, I was inspired beyond belief. My dream was now my reality.

After a considerable amount of professional training, research and recipe perfecting, Tilly Scrumptious came to life. I'm extremely proud to describe myself as a multi-award winning, published cake designer and tutor, but better known as a 'professional memory maker'. It doesn’t get much better than that!

I truly can't wait to create something divine and bespoke just for you. Come and experience the magic of Tilly Scrumptious.

Lover of all things sparkly...

... and beautiful shoes!

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